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Pankti Shah grew up in a small town of Gujarat (India), always wondering how soon she would step out of the comfort zone and embrace the adversities that life flings at her. As a kid, her biggest fantasy was to travel the world solo. Hailing from a land of entrepreneurs, Pankti had set her priority on self-realization and spiritual healing. The 16-year-old girl told her teacher that she wanted to visit Iceland while all her classmates had visions of becoming Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Astronauts and what not. She has been traveling throughout India and other countries with an aim of meeting new people, sharing experiences and learning Yoga and Meditation.

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Best 5 Yoga Inspirational Quotes

Do you always need a push everytime to achieve your yoga goals? So here are best 5 yoga inspirational quotes which will make you going. Best 5 Yoga Inspirational Quotes 1. The Body Is Not A Product. It Is An Experience. 2. Do Yoga Today So That You Can Do Yoga Tomorrow. 3. Life Is...

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6 Reasons Why Yogis Love To Travel

Have you ever wondered why the internet is filled with yogis posing for their travel photos? What is it with the yogis and traveling? Here are the 6 reasons why we love to travel. We pack our yoga mats and bags to discover new possibilities, new people, and new traditions.    1. We Love To...

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Everything You Need To Know About Meditation Posture

Meditation is basically a mental exercise that invigorates, rejuvenates and enlivens your body and mind. It plays a vital role in keeping all the negativity, stress and anxiety and skepticism at bay. It also guides you to deal with all kinds of tribulations with lots of optimism, positivity, and sanguinity. It is the easiest way...

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