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my story

Pankti Shah grew up in a small town of Gujarat (India), always wondering how soon she would step out of the comfort zone and embrace the adversities that life flings at her. As a kid, her biggest fantasy was to travel the world solo. Hailing from a land of entrepreneurs, Pankti had set her priority on self-realization and spiritual healing. The 16-year-old girl told her teacher that she wanted to visit Iceland while all her classmates had visions of becoming Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Astronauts and what not. She has been traveling throughout India and other countries with an aim of meeting new people, sharing experiences and learning Yoga and Meditation.

A successful entrepreneur, Pankti has been traveling to different parts of India experiencing countless different cultures and lifestyle. There was not one teacher who taught her the science of Yoga but several mentors who guided her to the path of ultimate healing. She learned this art from spiritual Gurus hailing from Kerela, Karnataka, and Rishikesh. Yoga and Meditation were her way to stay focused and nourished throughout her journey. She is passionate about living and breathing yoga and feels the teachings are a blessing for all. She is certified in the Hatha Yoga tradition (Traditional Yoga), as well as Ashtanga Yoga as taught by renowned gurus from India.

Pankti is a devoted Yogini and teacher who spreads her wonderful passion for life and well-being in her teachings. Chirpy and cheerful by nature, her style pulls from multiple yogic disciplines and is both intuitive and steeped in the traditional aspects of yoga. Her classes focus on breath, alignment and the interconnection between mind, body, and spirit, allowing students to work at their own pace in a safe and transformational environment. The ultimate goal of her Yoga classes is ‘Healing of the Mind & Body’, that it is possible to heal oneself through the practice of Yoga. So why to opt for medicines when you can get better with Yoga, is what she believes in.

Pankti views the science and spirituality of Yoga as a path to explore our inner selves and elevate our consciousness, while creating a counter-balance to the stresses of modern life. Pankti’s mission in life is to inspire, elevate and educate as many people as possible how Yoga can transform their inner self, to encourage all to live to their fullest, most creative and most joyful potential!