Best Yoga Mat For Your Yoga Session

Yoga mats are very essential to result the best for daily yoga classes. Your yoga mat can provide a very hygienic, comfortable yoga experience. The mat must not limit the yoga session not only at your living room but can also be used at the balcony, park lush green soiled, at rooftop space or even at your gym floor.

Let’s find out which is the best yoga mat for your yoga session.

MandukaPROLite Yoga And Pilates MatMandukaPROLite Yoga and Pilates Mat

This mat is the best yoga mat for the professionals since it provides the utmost comfort. It has a slightly sticky texture which helps to hold poses for a longer period without slipping.

Manduka Black Mat ProManduka Black Mat Pro

This mat is produced from zero-waste PVC, it is sustainable, and Oeko-Tex certified. It can absorb sweat due to its closed cell surface. It’s slip resistant, yet non-stick texture provides travel-friendly and durability.

Lululemon – The MatLululemon – The Mat

This yoga mat of good quality is manufactured with biodegradable, recycled materials which are non-toxic and are of eco-friendly quality. This mat comes with good slip resistant features which hold perfect for strenuous yoga sessions. Since it has a natural material component, it provides a good cushioning and durability.

Jade Harmony Professional Mat

These mats are manufactured through an environment-friendly process and do not contain any PVC, latex or any toxic materials. These mats provide excellent traction and slip- resistant. It can be easily washed and cleaned since it does not absorb moisture.

Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Mat

These are yoga mat for beginners and area natural rubber yoga mat, with non-slip surfaces on both sides with high durability factor. It has 1/4″ thickness on both sides for excellent cushion.

Prana Revolutionary Sticky Mat

This is a natural sticky mat which is very generous and provides a very stable platform for optimal balance. The mat is produced from a non-toxic, biodegradable natural rubber which satisfies durability and anti-stretch construction.

Kharma Khare Mat

It has a five mm hybrid yoga mat produced from recycled car tires. It also has a one mm of natural rubber latex which is sourced from sustainable rubber trees. It is considered to be the most versatile yoga mat since it has the comfort and the traction grip for the stretching yoga exercises.

Prana E.C.O. Yoga Mat

This mat comes with a two-sided textured surface. It provides a superior cushioning and excellent grip on hard surfaces. It is produced from TPE material and is UV resistant, lightweight, PVC-free, chloride free, latex free.

Cotton And Hemp Yoga Mats

This mat absorbs sweat and has a very soft texture. They are easy to clean and are non-durable. The Hemp yoga mats are more durable. It is manufactured from weaved hemp yarns which are dense and tight due to its high elasticity and tensile strength.

In due course of time, with the advancement of technology, the yoga mats have been designed to enhance the efficiency and durability of the yoga sessions. To embrace our living in a much healthy and meaningful way, online Yoga mats are also quite popular. Just bear in mind that the yoga mats must have durability and protects your skin and joints during your yoga sessions.

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