Yoga For Diabetes People

Control diabetes with our yoga program that is structured to help you get the most of it. Each program is designed to take you toward the goal in an effective and safe way. We call diabetes a multifactorial disorder, lack of proper exercise, food habit, stress aggravates the challenges. Now you can control that with yoga ! Yes, take Yoga classes to control the insulin level.

You will learn a few specific asanas to tackle diabetes in this session, which includes a combination of breathing technique, poses, bends and twists. Taking our session can improve direction, prevents relief from chronic
illness and you will feel healthier, energetic and fresh.

Pankti Shah is the creator and soul behind this yoga session. She is a great motivator for all things life – sunshine, connection, creativity and movement. Her deepest desire is for you to embrace the Yogic idea, breaking false belief and making dreams come true! Through sharing her Yoga jouney – full hearted – She inspires and hopes to shape your journey!

Pankti is a devoted Yogini and teacher who spreads her wonderful passion for life and well-being in her teachings. Chirpy and cheerful by nature, her style pulls from multiple yogic disciplines and is both intuitive and steeped in the traditional aspects of yoga.

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