Everything You Need To Know About Meditation Posture

Meditation is basically a mental exercise that invigorates, rejuvenates and enlivens your body and mind. It plays a vital role in keeping all the negativity, stress and anxiety and skepticism at bay. It also guides you to deal with all kinds of tribulations with lots of optimism, positivity, and sanguinity. It is the easiest way that helps you to live a better life. The easiest way to amplify the mediation’s good effect is to meditate in a proper posture. so here is Everything You Need To Know About Meditation Posture.

Egyptian Posture

Egyptian Posture

This is the most commonly used, meditation posture. You have to lay in an upright position like that your neck, head, and back are in a straight line.  You can either keep your hands on your lap or knees. Depending upon whether you are using a concentrative or none – concentrative method to meditate, you can keep your eyes closed or open. One thing that you must remember while using Egyptian posture is to keep your body relaxed fully. Any kind of pain or strain might cause you more harm than good. If you find it hard to sit in this posture for a long time, then use a chair, instead of sitting on the floor.

Tailor’s Posture

Tailor's posture

In this posture, you will have to sit down by bending the legs so that the soles of both the legs touch each other. For stability, there must be three points of contact with the ground specifically your knees and butt.  If both your knees don’t touch the surface, then use a thin cushion to boost stability.

Burmese Posture

Burmese posture

This meditation posture is same as the tailor posture, but the legs are not spread out much. Also, the soles don’t touch one another. Here, you will have to sit on the floor to bend your legs in a way that one foot is positioned right in front of the pelvis and the other placed before the first one. Now fold your hands and place it in your lap. Ensure that your spine is aligned correctly with head and neck.

Lotus Posture

Lotus posture

A very popular posture and great for those who are very flexible in their knees and legs. In this posture, sit on the floor and hold your foot with your hand and place it on your right thigh like that the heel touches the groin. In the same way, place your foot on your thigh. Ensure that both the knees rest upon the floor. This was the full lotus posture. If you prefer to take “Half lotus” then you have to place one foot on the opposite thigh. In both ways, you sit in an upright position.

Kneeling Posture

Kneeling posture

If you lack flexibility or overweight, then this posture is just for you. In this posture, you will have to sit on your knees like the both knees are together and feet are about twelve -inches apart. Sit between your feet to make sure that your neck, head, and back are in a straight line and your soles must be upwards.

Take time to establish the right posture, you will find is much easier to rest your soul and connect with the meditation object.

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