A Beginner’s Guide To Meditation

Meditation is the art, science, and practice of controlling your thoughts. Although there are plenty words written on this subject, that is what is boils down to. You do this to control your thoughts and calm down your body and soul. Thereby achieving not only a measure of tranquility and peace but the ability to find focus and clarity in

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6 Ways To Meditate At Work – Makes You Feel Happier!

Work stress. We feel it, whether you are striving to find fifteen minutes to break or responding to emails at 10.PM but a regular meditation and mindfulness practice might help, says meditation experts and the author of the book “Real Happiness at Work”, Sharon Salzberg. She explains that people are mostly concerned about mindfulness at work. They usually think they

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Best Yoga Postures For Fertility

Perhaps you are planning to practice yoga for fertility or might even be wondering how best to adapt your current yoga regime to enhance your prospects of getting pregnant? Sounds great! Though, before you get out there and buy a  yoga mat or a twenty yoga for fertility classes, then there are various things that you must know. So here

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