Best 5 Yoga Inspirational Quotes

Do you always need a push everytime to achieve your yoga goals? So here are best 5 yoga inspirational quotes which will make you going. Best 5 Yoga Inspirational Quotes 1. The Body Is Not A Product. It Is An Experience. 2. Do Yoga Today So That You Can Do Yoga Tomorrow. 3. Life Is Eternal Game, There Are No

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Best Yoga Postures For Fertility

Perhaps you are planning to practice yoga for fertility or might even be wondering how best to adapt your current yoga regime to enhance your prospects of getting pregnant? Sounds great! Though, before you get out there and buy a  yoga mat or a twenty yoga for fertility classes, then there are various things that you must know. So here

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10 Most Famous Yoga Destinations In India

Yoga – A pure way to the serenity of inner soul. Our body requires energy to detoxify the impurities that get absorbed during the course of daily life. These are stress, high life ambition, distressed work life balance, pollution, and unhealthy food habits. Such factors endorse the health in a very dull and unhealthy life. One has to detoxify the

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Shoo Away Diabetes With Yoga Asanas And Pranayama

Diabetes is one of the fastest spreading lifestyle diseases today, and if it is not controlled in time, it can have a devastating effect on a person’s overall health as it affects almost the whole body. So here’s how you can shoo away diabetes with yoga asanas and pranayama.  What Is Diabetes? Before one decides how to cure, control or

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Effective Yoga For Weight Loss

Since times immemorial, yoga has been known for its profound effects on health of an individual. Not only does it have an effect on wellbeing on the psyche of an individual, but it also does cure many ailments. As of today, most of the common health issues are due to our lifestyle involving sedentary lives, stress, a lot of junk

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