Best Yoga Postures For Fertility

Perhaps you are planning to practice yoga for fertility or might even be wondering how best to adapt your current yoga regime to enhance your prospects of getting pregnant? Sounds great! Though, before you get out there and buy a  yoga mat or a twenty yoga for fertility classes, then there are various things that you must know. So here are best yoga postures for fertility.

Before you even start,  consider that most people these days tend to spend years in some cases even years – taking all possible steps to discover pregnancy actually. It can then be a huge surprise when they stop using birth control and don’t get pregnant quickly.  But in reality, this is not uncommon. It is same to someone who has neglected their body for years and only to begin exercising and then complain that they are not skinny straight away!

The average young couple with no fertility issues might normally take between four or five months to conceive. For an older couple, it might take longer. Although it is common that couples succeed on their first time, this is very rare than you might think. The doctor will consider you that you have fertility issues if you have gotten pregnant for a long time period.

That being said, Yoga for fertility is a very positive vibe that you must consider doing in the intervening months, if it is too early to see a doctor or if the concern is not taken seriously yet.

How To Over The Struggle?

Overcoming the fertility struggles is a real challenging task. But you must also remember that there are so many possibilities still. All you could do is to practice yoga without giving up.

The top postures to boost wellness and fertility

1. Nostril Breathing

Nostril breathing

This helps to calm down your body and mind by releasing the stress that is accumulated. It also helps to purify your nostrils, thus enabling smooth breathing.

2. Bee Breath

Bee breath

Instantly relieves body tension, anger, and stress. The chances of conception are better when the body is relaxed. 

3. Seated Forward Bend

Seated forward bend

Stretch your lower back and bend to touch your feet. This posture can stimulate the ovaries and uterus and can help in conceiving.

4. The Upward Bend

The upward bend

Stretch the muscles to improve blood flow to the pelvic and to the nervous system. It also makes the spine flexible.

Along with yoga, it is essential to practice meditation for a minute or two to uplift your thoughts and mind. This can help your mind to unwind negative thoughts and can make your mind relax and calm. It is also important to have patience and to be positive. The level of fertility might vary with couples and some have had long waits for fifteen years too. Keep trying with a peaceful acceptance of the circumstances; without negative thoughts and grumbling. Follow a positive approach regularly and to keep a positive approach and to enhance the level of fertility for yourself and your partner to succeed.

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